The application process
    This page deals with the application process in the UK for a Myanmar tourist electronic visa (E-Visa). Please read carefully through the entire page as additional documents may be required of you depending on your circumstances.


1. Fill out the online form below

The online form below makes an immediate request for a Myanmar E-Visa. If you would prefer a Myanmar tourist Visa actually stamped into your passport then click here.

Download Application

2. Make the online payment

Next you can pay online for your order and then submit it for immediate processing. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

3. We will process your order immediately

The processing is done within 3 days and you will receive the official E-Visa by email.

4. Print and take with you

After receiving the email you can print the E-visa and show it upon arrival at the Myanmar border/airport.


1. E-Visa Online System is currently only available to Tourists for Tourism purpose only.

2. Your passport validity must have at least 6 months.

3. You have to upload one color photo (4.8 cm X 3.8 cm) taking during last 3 months.

4. You will need to pay via paypal or credit/debit card the payment of £50.


Information For E-VISA

  • 1. The validity of eVisa approval letter is 90 days from the issued date. If it is expired, entry will be denied.
  • 2. Length of stay is (28) days from the date of arrival in Myanmar.
  • 3. eVisa service is none refundable.
  • 4. The processing time is upto (3) working days.
  • 5. If the applicant has child(ren) under (7) years old on the same passport, you have to put the name of that child, date of birth in the minor section of the application form.
  • 6. eVisa is currently only available to Tourist seeking entry into Myanmar. If you are seeking entry for business, meetings, seminars purposes please apply at a Myanmar embassy in your respective country.
  • 7. Tourists must stay in registered hotels, motels and inns during your stay in Myanmar.
  • 8. The applicant should complete individual personal data whether passenger is FIT or package tour.
  • 9. eVisa is a only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.
  • 10. Currently passengers with eVisa are only permitted to enter via Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Aiport and Mandalay International Airport. We will announce other port of entry in due course
  • 11. If you are visiting Myanmar via cruise, please contact your tour agent for Pre-arrangement Visa on Arrival. You will not be able to use eVisa to enter Myanmar via seaport.
  • 12. If the decision is not allowed to entry, you may return by the same flight.


The E-Visa application and confirmation usually arrives within 3 working days.


3 ways to pay

There are three different ways you can pay for your visa application as listed below. Please note that we submit your application as soon as we receive it so whichever payment method you choose it will not have an impact on the application process. There may be a delay in emailing the invoice to you but this doesn't impact on the delivery time.


You can include cash with your application when you are sending the application forms to us. You would find the appropriate amount on the order form.


You can include a Cheque or Postal Order with your application when you are sending it to us. If so, please make it payable to Visa24.


You can pay by BACS bank transfer while your application is being processed. If you choose this option, we shall invoice you once we have received your application and you make the payment while the embassy considers your request.



  • Apart from the professions mentioned in this visa application, you are not allowed to engage in any sort of work with or without charges.
  • Applicant shall abide by the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and shall not interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Legal action will be taken against those who violate or contravene any provision of the existing laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Applicant shall not be allowed to travel to the restricted area without seeking prior permission.
  • It is important to notice that the Approval letter is not a confirmed Visa letter
  • The Approval letter is valid up to 90 days from the date of issue.
  • There will be no refund for Visa Processing Fees.
  • In unfortunate case of if your application is rejected, no reason will be provided or can be requested.
  • Processing time is up to (3) working days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • You can only apply tourist visa for eVisa.
  • Yes, you can, as long as it is clear for checking by immigration officer.
  • We are not able change the validity dates on your eVisa. We encourage you to re-apply for another visa.
  • Yes. You may apply your visa at Myanmar embassy or online eVisa. However visa application verification policy is the same across the embassies and online applications.


Visa24 is not affiliated with the government of Myanmar. If you want to apply for a visa directly with the Myanmar Embassy, you can make an appointment to go in person.

Click here for the Myanmar Embassy website in the United Kingdom.